Suddenly it got dark in the mountains
The pale blue turned opaque.
However, the sun kept giving light to that spot where they were.
It was like a show light
One you have to put to look good, always good
because when you are your truly-self, you disappoint.
Too many rules
Too many have to does
For a freedom of reason

We are going on opposite directions
While I go to center you go around.
The sun kept burning my back
I turned to face it
And got blind
Too much light is not good
Ying Yang

Same, same, but different
Me contorsiono como muñeco de circo. Todos somos muñecos de algún circo.

Cazando otro atardecer, quizá forzando.
Como escape, como meditación,
como búsqueda y realización.

Something dark is taking over the mountains
The shadows are stronger now
The light in the center has diffused and
the sun is covered with clouds
Close to the horizon, an orange sunset is born

Thailand on my right
Vietnam and Rabbit Island on my left
Blue everywhere

Somebody talks on my back, Language I didn’t
I am alone with the sun

No boats.
I must keep moving


Published by

Olguêtte Letrombonet

Procreated and gestated in Quibdó (Chocó, Col.) in the 70's. Born in Bogotá (Col.). Raised in Medellín (Col.) in the 80's. Matured in New York City (USA) in the 2000's. I love the Autumn and Halloween. I think that says almost everything.

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