At the beginning of the year, I found myself in another country, staying for two months. During that time, something miraculous happened. Now I know. 

I wasn’t worry about the future; actually, I never thought about the future. Now I know.

I am a little bit of a fanatic when it comes to the divinatory arts. Sustainably, I read the tarot. I have found myself reading it every day, sometimes twice a day. I have gotten to three. I read the caracoles, the I-Ching. I have tried the ashes of my cigarettes (when I was a smoker). Daya’s cards have my fingerprints all over. I have visited people in different countries looking for premonitions. I believe my dreams are some sort of those, and I keep waiting for some to happen. I rushed to Daya one day only to read the cards. I took pictures.

Not there. I forgot about what was the tarot, or another way to foretell the next day, my next move. The only thing I was focused on was in doing yoga, everyday, every moment. Now I know.

Today, I haven’t done it. In fact, the last time I did, was two weeks ago, after being back in New York for other two. Now I know. 

It is said that with yoga you see things, understand things, feel things. It’s said that you become present, you become yourself.

I think the glorious thing here is to be able to look back and see how harmonious I can be with the world. I didn’t change myself. It was I in all events. With perfections and imperfections, and acting in a different way.

This state of mind remained with me until some days ago, —suddenly my body got sick, my mind started going around, and yoga became impossible, at least physically. Now I know.

Today, I rushed to the Tarot in my mind, and there was when I realized all what I just told above.


Published by

Olguêtte Letrombonet

Procreated and gestated in Quibdó (Chocó, Col.) in the 70's. Born in Bogotá (Col.). Raised in Medellín (Col.) in the 80's. Matured in New York City (USA) in the 2000's. I love the Autumn and Halloween. I think that says almost everything.

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