I love losers
We get certain persistence on rejection
Winners avoid

Losers are always on top
Wanting everything and
Unable to decide for one

Losers lose time

Most of the times losing
Becomes good luck
We have to see it like that

Losers lose things
All of them
Sometimes on purpose to feel

The only thing losers don’t lose is hope
Losers bright on possibilities
They are always creating ideas to implicate subjects

Losers get lost on imaginaries
most of the time about peace,
and equality
what a loser!

Losers tell the truth
They have nothing to lose!


Published by

Olguêtte Letrombonet

Procreated and gestated in Quibdó (Chocó, Col.) in the 70's. Born in Bogotá (Col.). Raised in Medellín (Col.) in the 80's. Matured in New York City (USA) in the 2000's. I love the Autumn and Halloween. I think that says almost everything.

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